The character or personality traits

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We use words such as character or personality to refer to a person's behavior. The personality is a set of features that define and characterize a person and is something that occurs thanks to the most frequent emotions and that are related to the environment and people around and are present at all times but not equal to the character even if they have more similarities than differences.

The personality as we mentioned above is due to their environment studies explain that the character is established in the 5 years of life this is due to parenting and the institute due to psychology. The ideographic vision affirms that each person has a unique personality and those traits are possessed by that person but there are people who present similar traits but not equal but that is not true each person is unique and different According to the traits of an individual can be organized different types of personalities: funny, extroverted, energetic, optimistic, pessimistic, trusting, distrustful, serious, lazy, shy, nervous, sensitive, insensitive, affectionate, etc.

The character or humor refers to a set of values ​​and beliefs that define the behavior of the subject towards others and towards himself. It depends on the experiences learned and lived within the early relationships.

The learning that leads to the formation of character comes from the interaction of the subject with their immediate environment and the social environment is also a little different to the personality since emotions only occur at times that can vary from short to long reactions too strong as a surprise or a joy or anger It should be noted that the biggest difference between personality and character is that the personality is innate and the character is formed as the individual grows and their experiences increase